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A 4-Part Yoga Asana Self-Care Series


SUNDAYS, 2:30 - 4:30 pm

Aug 14 ~ Sept 18 ~ Oct 23 ~ Nov 20

“Asanas make your body supple and bring alertness to your mind while soothing nerves and glands, relaxing your brain, and maintaining a physical, physiological and emotional balance.”

~ B.K.S. Iyengar

The most important relationship we have is with ourselves. Investing in self-care, while a continuous

process, can benefit from a pause to learn, practice and reflect in specific areas. This series of four

workshops will introduce yoga sequences that rejuvenate and help with what ails us.

There will be time for discussion, self-reflection and practice with yoga postures. Each workshop will have a specific focus: Strengthening Immunity, Sleeping Better, Handling Fatigue, and Quieting Anxiety.


Woman practicing yoga

Cost: $40 per session or 2 stamps from class card

Offered In-Studio and on Zoom

Advance Registration & Payment Required:

See Options Below


All levels are welcome. Please come comfortably dressed and ready to practice yoga. These workshops qualify for Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credit.


For those joining via Zoom, please have the following yoga props available:

Sticky mat

3 blankets

2 – 4 blocks (or matching thick books)

Bolster (or firm cushion)

Strap (or necktie/bathrobe tie)

Chair (no side arms)


Sunday, Aug 14 - Strengthening Immunity

The body’s immune system is amazing. It detects and eliminates germs, disease and infection around the clock. In this workshop, we will practice yoga postures that will support and strengthen the remarkable immunity our body provides us.

Sunday, Sept 18 - Sleeping Better

Difficulty falling and staying asleep, or insomnia, can be caused by a life crisis, medical issue, medication, eating habits and other conditions. There are particular yoga postures that can soothe the body, mind and nervous system. This workshop will help you find the postures that will set up the conditions for sleep.


Sunday, Oct 23 - Handling Fatigue

Thankfully, we all lead busy and productive lives. There are times, however, when we stress ourselves physically and mentally and end up exhausted. In this workshop, we’ll discuss and reflect on what causes our exhaustion, and practice yoga asanas that relieve fatigue.

Sunday, Nov 20 - Quieting Anxiety

At times we may feel uneasy, fearful, or a sense of dread, especially when we have a difficult decision to make or project to complete. Anxiety can have physical symptoms too, like restlessness, tension, sweating or increased heartrate. All of this is quite normal, and can be sorted through yoga postures. The yoga sequence we will explore in this workshop will help us manage our anxiety.



You must register separately for each session, below.

You can pay with class card, or purchase drop-ins for individual sessions.

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