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A 4-Part Yoga Self-Care Series


Sunday, February 18th

2:30 - 4:30 pm

“The practice of yoga integrates a person through the journey of intelligence and consciousness from the external to the internal…Through yoga, the practitioner learns to observe and to think and to intensify his effort until eternal joy is attained.” 

~ B.K.S. Iyengar

The most important relationship we have is with ourselves. Investing in self-care, while a continuous

process, can benefit from a pause to learn, practice and reflect in specific areas. This series of workshops will introduce yoga practices that help us find intent in our actions and support our mindfulness.

In each workshop there will be time for discovery, self-reflection and practice. Each will have a specific focus: 
Using Postures to Lift Your Mood
Turning Inward with Headwrap Restorative
Pranayama ~ a Practice of Mindful Breathing
Improving Awareness Through Meditation


Woman practicing yoga

Cost: $45 per session or 2 stamps from class card

Offered In-Studio and on Zoom

Advance Registration & Payment Required - See Options Below


All levels are welcome. Please come comfortably dressed and ready to practice yoga. These workshops qualify for Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credit.


For those joining via Zoom, please have the following yoga props available:

Yoga mat
3 blankets
2 – 4 blocks (or matching thick books)
Bolster (or firm cushion)
Strap (or necktie/bathrobe tie)
Chair (no side arms)
Headwrap (for the Headwrap Restorative workshop): Use a comfortable scarf that can be secured around the eyes and ears. Or you may purchase a headwrap for $15 here.


Sunday, Oct 15 - Using Postures to Lift Your Mood 

When we are feeling low, there is persistent activation of the sympathetic nervous system - which elevates our stress hormones. Stress, time of year and anxiety can be significant factors in how we feel day to day. Yoga poses have an undeniable connection to mood and can be engaged to change our mood. The yoga sequence explored in this workshop will help lift our mood.  

Sunday, Nov 12 - Turning Inward with Headwrap Restorative 

Withdrawing from external stimulation and the fluctuation of our mind helps us find quiet and peace. Wrapping our head with a comfortable cotton cloth that covers the ears and eyes facilitates this withdrawal. During the workshop and with the wrap in place, we will practice restorative postures that allow us to relax and turn inward. (If joining us via Zoom for this workshop, please use a comfortable scarf that covers your ears and eyes as a headwrap. Or you may purchase a headwrap for $15 here.


Sunday, Jan 14 - Pranayama ~ a Practice of Mindful Breathing 

Prana is described as the energy that permeates the universe at all levels. Our breath carries this energy into our body and our mind. If we are mindful about our breathing (Pranayama breathing) then we are better able to live. Pranayama practice is a cornerstone of Iyengar yoga. In this workshop, we will practice a sequence developed by Donald Moyer, Dorinda’s teacher and a long-time student of B.K.S. Iyengar.

Sunday, Feb 18 - Improving Awareness Through Meditation 

A regular practice of meditation can increase patience, tolerance, imagination and creativity. It helps us learn how to be in-the-moment, undistracted by what is unreal and unimportant. We gain increasing awareness of our true self. There are many techniques for meditating; we will explore a few and learn how to set up the conditions for meditating effectively.   


You can pay using your class card (2 stamps), opurchase the $45 drop-in

February 18:

Improving Awareness Through Meditation

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