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Danville Yoga & Wellness Center is dedicated to promoting awareness of the many healing modalities that can benefit our emotional, intellectual, spiritual and physical health, and to providing local practitioners a venue in which to offer these services.




Our beautiful Wellness Room is perfect for private one-on-one sessions, classes, workshops, events and conferences. It's available for rental on a half-day or full-day basis, seven days a week. 

The Yoga Room is approximately 20' x 45', appropriate for yoga classes, workshops, and special events. Folding chairs as well as cushions for floor seating are available.


We believe in the importance of healing and creating a better world, moving us toward greater health and harmonious being. If you share this vision, we welcome you to join us.  

We want our sanctuary to be a home for you, and for the community that you serve. 


For more information, contact us:




The Yoga Room (125A): $65 per hour


The Wellness Room (125B): $60 for half days (4hrs), $100 for full days (8 hrs)

Half-day and full-day rentals require a monthly commitment (4-5 days per month).  

For example, full days on Tuesdays would be (4 x $100) = $400 per month.

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