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We're a little hard to find...but it's worth it :) 


Note: If you're using a GPS to find us, it might mis-direct you into the Village Shopping Center (home of Walgreens, McCaulous, etc). We're NOT located in the shopping center - we're on the street that runs next to it.



125 Town & Country Drive, Danville, CA 94526 


We are tucked away in the back of a beige, one-story business building on Town & Country Drive.


1. From Highway 680, take the Sycamore Valley Rd. exit and go west (toward the shopping area of downtown Danville) until you reach San Ramon Valley Blvd.


2. Turn right on San Ramon Valley Blvd.


3. From San Ramon Valley Blvd., turn left at the second stop light, onto Town & Country Drive (NOT into the shopping center). Drive about one block.


4. Our building is on the left (past the shopping center, after the white fire hydrant). There is a small low sign at the parking lot entrance that reads in gold ”125-135-145″ (see photo). Turn left into that parking lot.


5. Park your car in the back of the lot, and look at the building. To the left of the underground parking garage, you'll see a black iron gate. Walk through that gate and follow the winding walkway, through the ivy and oak trees, to our Center’s front door. 


6. Remove your shoes, turn off your cell phone, and enjoy your class.


Welcome to your Center!

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