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with Maria & Mark Haswell

Saturday, September 21st | 11:00 am - 5:00 pm


Held at:

Land of Medicine Buddha

5800 Prescott Rd, Soquel, CA

Cost: $175

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Join us for this special one-day retreat, where we will open our hearts to acknowledge and heal our past through Ancestral Healing, and create happiness and transformation.

Ligaya (Lee-GA-Yah) means "Happiness" in the Filipino Tagalog dialect. The Ligaya Retreat is designed to help you establish and maintain ancestral ties, and heal your lineage from the beginning of time through the present day and beyond.

What To Expect:


The retreat will be held at the beautiful Land of Medicine Buddha retreat center in Soquel, CA, near Santa Cruz (about a 90-minute drive from Danville).


We'll start with the gentle movements of a Radiant Heart Qigong practice, to open our hearts and prepare for our deep inner work with ancestors. ​We'll then participate in ceremony to heal the Energetic Imprints from our Ancestral lineage, creating a safe and joyful ritual to bring happiness, abundance, and good health.

Together, we'll then go on a leisurely 1-mile loop hike, and explore the grounds of the retreat center, including the Wish Fulfilling Temple. After, we'll have time for meditation, contemplation and silent moments for reflection.

A healthy vegetarian lunch is included. 

More details will be provided upon your registration.

What if you could clear yourself and your lineages of old wounds?

How would that change your family, your relationships, your health, your destiny, and even our beautiful Earth?

Ancestral lineage healing is spiritually-grounded, deep work that empowers you to connect, repair and nurture relationships with your own wise and loving ancestors. Through the Ancestral Lineage Healing process, you will be spiritually nourished by the connection, blessings, healing and revelations of your ancestors.

Every lineage includes loving and wise ancestors. Ancestral support amplifies personal vitality and enhances communal well-being.  Cultivating connection with these bright and benevolent ancestors creates ease with living family members, and helps clarify one's life-path, relationships and purpose. This connection can be a great support toward healing trauma, as well as anchoring ancestral blessing and gifts.

Expect to engage lineage ancestors in heart-centered ceremony through prayer, visioning practices, and group dialogue. I will support you in feeling safe and tuning into your body as a tool for organic healing, and tapping into the energies within your and others' systems.

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