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Light up the Chakras

Sacred Solfeggio Sound Healing


Kelli Gayle and Jack Cutter

Friday, September 6th | 7:00 - 8:30 pm

Cost: $15 Advance / $20 at the door or 1 Stamp from Class Card


Join Kelli and Jack for an evening of chakra balancing and sound healing!   


Kelli and Jack will play instruments specially tuned in the Sacred Solfeggio frequencies, for healing each of the seven major spinal chakras. Each chakra has its own bij (seed mantra) associated with it. We'll start with a simple yoga movement, then chant each mantra with the corresponding vibrational frequencies, to balance and tune the chakras. You'll hear a brief description of each chakra, followed by deep relaxation and meditation on the chakra while listening to the Sacred Solfeggio healing music.  


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