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Sound Healing with Christian & Kira

Friday, July 15th | 7:00 - 8:30 pm

$15 Advance / $20 at the door

or 1 Stamp from Class Card

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Christian and Kira are the creators of Pléyades Drums, musical instruments made from repurposed gas tanks and tuned with the geometries of nature. The vibrations created by these drums take listeners on a voyage through the cosmos, while their bodies stay firmly grounded to the earth. 


Their project was born with the intention of using music as medicine, to open minds to the unlimited potentialities of the universe. The sounds take listeners on a journey from vibrant jungles of bird calls and afro-ecuadorian rhythms, high Andean mountains filled with folkloric flutes, to the outer reaches of whispering space and spiraling galaxies.


The music is tuned with a method understood to be consistent with the patterns of the universe, and has been found to induce the listener in states of harmony, connection and profound relaxation. Join us for a sound healing experience like no other, and an opportunity to play the drums yourself to witness the power of vibration therapy.

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