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Qigong: Moving Meditation
with Donna Shaw & Jill Borhan


2nd Wednesday of Every Month

(Jan 11 - Feb 8 - Mar 8) 

5:30 - 7:00 pm


Cost: $27 Drop-in or 1 Stamp from Class Card

Advance Registration and Payment Required


If you've ever seen people in a park, practicing the slow, flowing, graceful and gentle movements of Tai Chi - then you've seen a particular form of the traditional practice of Qigong.


Qigong (pronounced Chee-GONG) is a practice of aligning body, breath and mind, for health and meditation. Its literal translation is ‘life energy cultivation’. With roots in traditional Chinese medicine, qigong cultivates, balances and nourishes the energy aspect of our being. Qigong helps practitioners still the mind and enter a state of conscious awareness that brings serenity, clarity, and relaxation.

Qigong is easy to learn, and incorporates simple, gentle, intentional movement; mindful breathing; and calm meditative focus. The focus is commonly on visualizing the movement of qi through the body’s energy centers, and balancing qi flow in the meridians and other pathways of the body. As a form of gentle exercise, qigong helps strengthen and stretch the body, enhance balance, increase body fluid movement, and improve awareness of how the body moves through space.

Qigong embraces action and stillness, cultivating mindfulness, concentration, and presence. It empowers practitioners with calm clear energy, strength, and vibrant health – bringing peace to the body, mind, heart and spirit.



Donna Shaw began practicing Qigong in 2013 and quickly realized its healing power. Born and raised in London England, Donna lived for nearly 20 years in Connecticut, working as a writer and painter. After moving to California in 2013, she began exploring yoga, meditation and soon found Qigong. In 2017, Donna completed her certification course in Qigong, working with Teja Bell, the creator of Radiant Heart Qigong.

Jill Borhan began her practice of Qigong in 2016 and noticed how the daily exercise offered the benefits of replenishing energy in the body, heightening inner awareness, deepening empathy, and balancing the nervous system.  Additionally, Qi Gong soothed Jill’s chronic pain from her autoimmune issues and restored vitality into her daily life. These positive changes inspired her to pursue a Qigong certification alongside her Master’s Degree studies in Transformation Consciousness.  Jill teaches Qigong with the intention of sharing the energetic benefits and helping others learn how to approach each moment with a sense of playfulness and inner peace. 

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