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For Stress Relief & Relaxation

with Maria Haswell




30 Minute Private Session: $44

~ Sessions are Temporarily Unavailable ~


What is Sound Therapy?


For thousands of years, sound has been used as a powerful healing mechanism. Sound vibration is believed to affect your body’s functions, such as blood pressure and breathing; and there is evidence to support its ability to promote relaxation, reduce stress and alleviate pain.


Sound Therapy is the application of sound to balance mind, body and spirit. Sound Therapy transmits sound vibrations directly to the body, triggering the body's natural healing and relaxation response. It helps to bring the body, mind and emotions back into harmony with the spirit.


The power to heal is within each of us. A sound therapy session can help you to connect with this inner power.

What to Expect


On your 30-minute journey into a state of peaceful relaxation, you’ll begin by lying on a massage table, tucked into an energetically-charged heavy blanket. A healing mesa bundle (medicine bag) is placed on your stomach, accompanied by a gentle energy healing.


With headphones and eye mask, you’ll listen to calming, therapeutic sound vibrations, to bring you into a state of stillness and help you heal and harmonize. You’ll emerge renewed, refreshed and deeply relaxed.

Client Experiences / Testimonials

"Thank you, Maria! The half hour Sound Therapy session was just exactly what I needed. I feel so much more calm and relaxed. It's been a couple of days and I still feel great!"

"Wow! The vibrational sounds during my session really got me feeling so relaxed! It feels like a "tune-up" for my mind and spirit! I feel so much lighter too! Thank you for creating such a beautiful space for me to release!" 

"I will make Sound Therapy sessions a monthly routine for myself. Self care is so important and I'm grateful that I found the perfect place to retreat to every month. Thanks!"

"I had such a profound experience during the Sound Therapy session with Maria! During the session, I felt like I was floating and I lost track of time. When the session was done, I felt so relaxed and stress-free. I am grateful!"

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