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RETURN TO LIGHT: A Winter Solstice Restorative Practice

with Dorinda Nyberg

Return to Light:

A Winter Solstice

Restorative Practice

with Dorinda Nyberg

Sunday, December 17

2:00 - 4:30 pm

Cost: $65 Drop-in or 3 Stamps from Class Card

Advance Registration and Payment Required

Class Card Holders: simply register below.

Drop-ins: Purchase below, then register.

When we practice yoga, we get in touch with the changes of the seasons and notice how our own natural rhythms and cycles are connected to changes in the earth's cycles. We appreciate sunshine and the darkness of the night sky, activity and rest, work and play.


At the winter solstice, in the depths of winter, when the nights are long, and the days are short, we are at the fullness of the darkest phase of the year. The dark is a place for rest and renewal, a place of healing, wisdom and inner knowing. We develop our intuition, catching the receptive flashes of insight.  This time of reflection opens and welcomes the return to light.


Make a choice to reflect and renew by joining Dorinda in a restorative celebration of the season’s warmth. Everyone is welcome - no previous yoga experience is necessary.  

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